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Pastor Rev. Sue Wenner
Secretary Donna McDonald
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June 7th, 2020 - God's Presence, God's call, God's Mission in a very Messy World

Prelude: Wilson Manhire: Prelude in F played by Peter Tylor

Greeting and Pastoral Prayer

God of our hope, You are always mindful of us and love us beyond our imaginations. You remind us through Your Word, Jesus, that we are not alone. By the power of Your Holy Spirit You empower us to rejoice in Your message of love and to bring that message to a hurting world. Our world appears to be unraveling before our eyes through disease, death, and unrest. During this time of worship, center our hearts, our souls, and our minds on Your Presence with us as we lift to you all the prayers of our hearts:

We come to pray for: Our world and our country our loved ones - keep them: keep them in health, in safety, in comfort, in Your care Keep us, also and send forth Your Holy Spirit of truth, of comfort, and of power for any among us who feel constrained, or emotionally distressed by our time and era for any who need to know Your love for them in this hurting world.

We also lift to You those who need comfort as they mourn their loved ones. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, The comforter, who would remind us of Your promises that Nothing in life, or in Death, things present, nor things to come, nor angel or demons within our lives, nor anything in all of creation will ever be able to separate us from Your love in Jesus the Christ, our Lord.

The Lord's Prayer

Opening Hymn: No. 444 O Young and Fearless Prophet

Call to Worship: Psalm 8:1 & 8 [adapted]

  • Pastor: God is our Sovereign Lord!
  • People: How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
  • Pastor: God's glory is above the heavens.
  • People: When we look at God's heavens, the work of God's. . .How majestic is Your name!

Choral Anthem: Kim André Arnesen: What is Peace?

Unison Prayer:

Sovereign God, You have created all things. We are living in Your world, created by You to be our living space which provides for us. In this time of uncertainty, help us find our center in You and in Your mission for us to "... go and make Disciples of all nations." We sometimes forget that some doubted, some followed, some went out and proclaimed — even as Disciples the world seemed messy and uncertain. Jesus, calls us, and reminds us that You, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are with us even to the end of the age — You will never forsake us. Empower us to boldly trust You and Your plans for us in this uncertain and rocky time, that our hearts remain steadfast Your ways, and Your mission. Help us see Your presence and guiding clearly in our hearts and minds that we find joy in proclaiming Your love to a very hurting world.

Hymn: No. 441 What Does the Lord Require

Gospel Reading and message Matthew 28: 16-20 God's Presence, God's call, God's Mission in a very Messy World

Closing Hymn: No. 584 Lord, You Give the Great Commission


  • Pastor: God promises to be with us, even to the end of the age.
  • People: We go with the assurance that God will not abandon us.
  • Pastor: God calls us to proclaim God Love to people who live in a very messy world.
  • People: We go with the assurance that God will not leave us.
  • Pastor: God has shown us what is good: To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God.
  • People: We go knowing that when we do justice, and love mercy, and walk with God we are part of God's mission within the world.
  • Pastor: God calls us to be missionaries beyond our four walls.
  • People: We go, perhaps with uncertainty, knowing that God goes with us.
  • Pastor: God is faithful.
  • People: God is with us to the very end of the age.
  • Pastor: God loves us forever and has called us by name.
  • People: God knows us and accepts us into God's mission of love.

Postlude: Martin Luther: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God