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Our Privacy Policy

The great opportunity to share information through this website carries with it a need for the responsible use of information and a requirement that we be sensitive to the privacy rights of others. Therefore, we set out our policies.


No person's name will appear in a photo caption without that person's express permission.

Except for employees, we will not use any picture consisting solely of one or two persons without the express permission of the person or persons pictured.

Persons pictured on the website in a group photo of more than two and fewer than thirteen persons may request that the picture not be used. That request will be honored.

Persons may in advance and in writing notify us of their refusal to have any picture of them in any group of 12 or fewer to be used on the website. That request will be honored.

The church will not use pictures of children under 18 without the express written permission of a parent or legal guardian, except that group activities such as Sunday School presentations Sacred Dance may be shown if there are at least five persons in the picture and it does not include a close up of the child. The website shall use caution in such use and any parent who identifies his/her child in such a use may request in writing that the picture not be used. That request will be honored.

Prayers, Joys and Concerns

Prayers, joys, and concerns are, and will continue to be, a vital part of our worship and ministry. However, in order to avoid any misuse of information that appears in them, we have determined that it would show greater sensitivity to not include them on this site.