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God's Eyes - Not Mine

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June 14:

Call:       2 Corinthians 5: 6-10, 16
Reading:    W&S #78
Text:       1 Samuel 15:34 - 16:13
Closing:    None (Children's Day)

            God's Eyes - Not Mine

We have all heard for years about King David.

We know he was a great - albeit flawed - king
We know he tangled with Goliath
We know he had a relationship with Bathsheba
We know that he was an ancestor of Christ.

Most of us probably know that he was selected by God
    Through Samuel, the prophet.

The story of that selection     is what challenges us today

Saul, the first king of a united Israel had disobeyed and disappointed God

God, therefore,     decided to replace Saul
And we pick up the story with God's instructions to Samuel
    [1 Samuel 15:34 - 16:13]

Now that we have
heard the story and learned the details of the selection
let's think about it.
    Let's actually think about it
        Rather than simply paying a visit to it
With disconnected brains and disconnected hearts.
To do so,
Let's each one of us think of ourselves as the CEO of a company
    [Carol, I think this could be the opening line of a stewardship campaign.]

And our company
    A rather significant company at that
    Has God     as our "VP for Human Resources"

Now, before anyone of us says,
    "I am uncomfortable imagining myself as God's boss"
I challenge us to honestly look at our lives
    For we human beings tend to try to boss God around
        "God, this is what you need to do."
        "God, this is what we want"
        "God, I am disappointed that you didn't do it my way."

You and I       are experienced
at seeing ourselves as God's bosses.

But anyway as CEO
    We need to find someone to be placed in charge of
        "The Israelite Division"
            a division very dear to us
            but also one that has often been disappointing

The present division Vice President has been seen as a failure
    And we need to get his successor on board.

So we say to our HR person,
    "God, go out to Bethlehem.
    Go to Jesse's Family Employee Training Facility
        And find someone to take over and lead
            "The Israelite Division"

God from HR and his gopher, Samuel, travel to that little town out to find the person
    He rejects people whom you and I think would be great
    People like Eliab, Abinadab, and Shammah

And instead     he hires the runt
    The little guy who had been watching the sheep.
    The fellow whose family thought so little of him
        That they did not even present him to our search team.

By all our standards,
    God's choice of David
    Is at best questionable.

So when he brings David back to us,
do we give the God's choice a chance?

Or  Do we
tell God how foolish he has been,
        shake our heads at his recklessness and risk taking
        Issue him a pink slip,
        And utter Donald Trump's words, "You're fired!"

Well, did you fire God?
Or did you trust God
    Despite your not being able to see what God saw
        In this little runt?

Don't worry.

If you decided against firing him
    You will, some centuries later, get another chance

For in choosing Saul of Tarsus
    To head up the "Bring the Gentiles to Christ" project
God made an even less defensible hiring decision
    Than when selecting David in our text.

For at least the questions about David
Resulted from the absence of evidence that he could handle the job.

In Saul's case there was a lot of evidence
    All of which showed
that he was an enemy of the Christians.

And yet despite the questions about the OT David and the NT Saul,
    Both went on to be
among the most significant and successful characters of their respective testaments

What was it that God said to Samuel?
    "Humans only see what is visible to the eyes,
    but the Lord sees into the heart."

The message of these hirings is     that we need to trust God
And     that we need to use the gifts of love and forgiveness
    To see into people's hearts.

Can you imagine standing before Christ on Judgment Day
    And having to admit, acknowledge, and confess
        That you had fired his dad.

As we head toward next Sunday's celebration of Fathers day,
    That makes me real uncomfortable.

And it should.